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About Me

My plan in life wasn’t to be a photographer. I’d always loved photography but never considered it as a profession. While living in Hawaii and working for a magazine, which happened to be a startup, I began shooting editorial images that grew enough to have an international audience. The lush landscapes, exotic flowers, fascinating people, unique architecture and beautiful foods fed my passion for this art. I was hooked.

The editorial work taught me that everyone and everything has a story that begs to be told. I adopted this as an ongoing mission statement: find the story and visually tell it in the most compelling way. From this experience grew photographing more and more architectural and interior work, this turned out to be the work that fueled my passion.

Towards the end of my stay in Hawaii I was shooting more and more commercial photography and multimillion-dollar properties. I was named architectural photographer of record for the islands much of my work being featured in Hawaiian Style magazine as well as being displayed in HGTV.com home page for several days and feature stories in Luxury Pools magazine, as well as other international publications.

Recently recognized by Smugmug as a photographer with an International focus, “her passion for architectural and interior photography influences her to create images that prompt an emotional response.” She says, "Lines, colors, shapes and decor all inspire me to strive to animate the inanimate."

After returning to Houston, Texas to spend more time with family, I soon refocused on high-end builders who offered more consistent work and budgets. I currently have been fortunate enough to work with builders, interior designers, architects, realtors, corporations and magazines. I am available to travel.

As a “Girl Gone Geek,” I mainly market my photography through social media and other Internet venues. I have had a long-term love affair with the Web, I offer photos optimized for websites and I do my own Photoshop image processing. I like to stay on top of technology advances and I can tailor my work to fit your technological use and your budget.

When you work with me, you'll get consistently high quality compelling photos. It's my authentic mission to capture and share the world of beauty in which we live.

I am an active member of these organizations:

Professional Photographers of America

The Association of Independent Architectural Photographers

Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design
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