Best of Houzz 2014 and Featured Images!

Houzz has been a very valuable resource for new clients.  I've had my profile there for a couple of years now and I see the traffic come from to my website daily if not several times a day.  

At the beginning of 2014 I was also given 2 Best of Houzz Awards, one for Service and the other for Design.  Its great to get this type of recognition and its nice to see my potential clients that find me on Houzz giving them another level of confidence.

Its certainly great when you get some recognition for all the hard work and your images are featured on their slideshow page.  

This site has become more and more valuable for me with clients looking for photographers.  Its become second to my website.  So that amount of hard work has paid off.  

Thank you Houzz!

Best of Houzz 2014

Screenshot of one of my images on Houzz!


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